rock bottom farms

About This Merchant

Welcome to Rock Bottom Farm, where mother-daughter duo Jeri North and Kayla Breedlove handcraft their beautiful creations! Located in the charming town of Oxford, NC, Rock Bottom Farm is home to not just their creative endeavors, but also a delightful menagerie of goats and chickens.

Jeri North is a proud wife, mom to four great kids, and grandma to six awesome grandkids. Alongside her daughter, Kayla Breedlove, they pour their hearts and souls into every single one of their handmade crafts, each one a unique reflection of their creativity and passion.

After moving from Clayton, NC, to Oxford in 2016, Jeri and Kayla discovered the joys of farm life and the inspiration it brought to their crafting. From gorgeous hand-painted signs to intricate handmade jewelry, their creations are a true testament to their artistic talents.

So come and experience the magic of Rock Bottom Farm for yourself. You’ll not only be supporting two amazing artisans but also enjoying the fruits of their creativity and love.


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